Household Goods Donation Program

Donate your un-needed clothing items and other "yard sale" type items to VVA's Clothing Donations Program. From the site you can find out more about what items are acceptable, how the program works, etc.

VVA accepts donations of all kinds, but we especially need clothing.
Clothing of all types & sizes 
(men’s, ladies, children’s, baby’s)
Clothing accessories
Shoes (all kinds)
Baby items
House and glassware
Books, toys, bikes
Stereos, radios, CD Players, VHS Players

All bedding, draperies, curtains
Small appliances
Tools (all kinds)
Jewelry and cosmetics

Chapter 47 receives funds from the program.


Schedule a pick up: 866-241-8387

Or you can go to:

to find out more information.


Thank you for considering assisting Chapter 47!